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Course Title: How to Deal with Media Outlet (PR Campaign Planning and Management)
Course Code: MED63/Sp



Course Description:
Media outlets can damage the reputation of your business or governmental organization. Have you thought about a course that helps you know how to deal with media outlets?

This course provides insight and a transition into the realities of a public relations workplace environment. Trainees apply the knowledge and skills they have developed in the course to the requirements of public relations campaigns, particularly in marketing communication, which is one of the largest areas of public relations practice. Students learn how public relations can play a key role in achieving campaign objectives for individuals, groups, organisations and government agencies. Working in teams, students develop public relations strategies from simulated and real scenarios. The basics of project management, client relationships, cost estimation, budgeting and scheduling are included in this course.


Who should attend?
Those working in or as:
PR Managers,
Experts and consultant.
Those who either work in private business or Government can benefit the most.


How attendees will benefit?
After completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:
* apply public relations theories and principles to the planning and implementation of PR campaigns;
* identify and critically appraise opportunities and problems that can be addressed by public relations campaigns;
* develop and make a group marketing public relations campaign presentation in response to a client brief;
* summarise the differences between marketing public relations, advertising and integrated marketing communication;

*    generate creative ideas and implementation activities for PR campaigns;
*    engage consumer communities through social media and social networking;
*    demonstrate good presentation skills;
*    manage PR campaigns, including cost estimation, budgeting and scheduling;
*    develop and maintain constructive internal and external client relationships; and
*    measure and evaluate the effectiveness of PR campaigns.


Course Content:
*    Planning for public relations campaigns at the local, national and international level, taking into account cross-cultural differences.
*    Campaign management, in-house and using consultants.
*    Clarifying the differences between advertising, integrated marketing communication and marketing public relations.
*    The growing role of public relations in the marketing mix.
*    The communication techniques of marketing public relations including the use of support material.
*    Setting measurable objectives and evaluating results in PR campaigns, and incorporating sustainability principles.
*    Brands and PR, including the corporate brand and internal brand.
*    Engaging consumer communities: using social media in marketing public relations.
*    Presentation skills.
*    Research, analysis and evaluation of PR campaigns.


Course Period:
From 5 to 10 days.


Course Date:

7 to 11 Jan

19 to 23 March

25 to 29 July

5 to 9 May

15 to 19 August

17 to 21  November

25 to 29 December


Course Cost:

2900 British Pound per  1 person.

5400 British Pounds per 2 persons.

7500 British Pounds per 4 persons.


Course Style:
*    Lecture or One-to-One training style.
*    In house training.
*    Group Training.
*    Practical Training.


*   We provide this course in any place and at any time suitable for you.
*    This course is provided in VIP or standard forms. For more information contact BATD team.



The certificate of this course is offered by British Academy for Training and Development

A second certificate also offered by Genève Institute of Business Management.


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