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Brand Management Process And Responsibilities
Course Description: 

Advertising simply put is telling and selling the product. Advertising Management though is a complex process of employing various media to sell a product or service.
This process begins quite early from the marketing research and encompasses the media campaigns that help sell the product. Without an effective advertising management process in place, the media campaigns are not that fruitful and the whole marketing process goes for a toss. Hence, companies that believe in an effective advertising management process are always a step ahead in terms of selling their goods and services.

As mentioned above, advertising management begins from the market research phase. At this point, the data produced by marketing research is used to identify what types of advertising would be adequate for the specific product. Gone are the days when there was only print and television advertising was available to the manufacturers. These days apart from print and television, radio, mobile, and Internet are also available as advertising media. Advertising management process in fact helps in defining the outline of the media campaign and in deciding which type of advertising would be used before the launch of the product.


Who should attend?
Staff working in the advertising, PR, marketing and Media department.


How attendees will benefit?
There are certain clear benefits of the competency framework for the organizations:

Having successfully completed the course you could begin a career working in a variety  of areas. These include working in advertising, media or digital agencies as an account
executive, and in digital creation and production. Opportunities would also exist in consumer insight, branding and direct marketing agencies whilst these skills would also enable you to develop a career working in the commercial and planning arms of major TV, radio and press media owners. Past students have gained positions as account handlers, media buyers, account planners, researchers,

magazine publishing executives and digital executives in companies such as Mediacom, Universal McCanns, Publicis, Initials, IPC Magazines, Haymarket Publishing, DunHumby, and BMRB.


Course Content:

 Consumer Psychology
 The Graduate Challenge
 Marketing Communications
 Career Viewpoint
 Business Management
 Marketing
 Consumer Insight
 The Media Business
 Agency Management and Processes
 Campaign Planning
 Digital Marketing
 Measuring Campaign Effectiveness
 Strategic Agency Management
 The Consumer-Brand Relationship

 Advertising and Communications Strategy
 Market Place
 International Marketing Management
 Dissertation
 Consultancy project
 Negotiated Work Based Learning


Course Period and Dates:

13-17 November 



Barcelona, Spain



£3400 per person

£2900 per person (for groups of two or more)



Course Style:
 Lecture or One-to-One training style.
 In house training.
 Group Training.
 Practical Training.


 We provide this course in any place and at any time suitable for you.
 This course is provided in VIP or standard forms. For more information
contact BATD team.

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