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booksModern English Literature Annual Conference  in London, UK 23-24 Jan 2017


Note: The intial date of 16-18 Jan 2018 has been shifted to 23-24 Jan 2017 due to logistical reasons.


Conference summary

This Conference gives you the chance to study English literature in a modern university environment, while taking advantage of the wealth of resources offered by London's rich cultural life. You will examine literary texts in the wider context of cultural production and relate them to the social, historical and political circumstances from which they emerge.

The Conference team consists of academic specialists who make use of the many nearby museums, galleries and libraries in their teaching. The Conference will be of particular interest to those wishing to prepare for further study at MPhil or PhD level, and those teaching English who want to gain a further qualification and investigate recent and current developments in the field.

The English Literature: Modern and Contemporary Fictions MA at the University of Westminster is designed to offer a coherent programme of postgraduate study that allows for both chronological range and specific topical focus. It gives you the opportunity to revisit and reinvestigate the texts, critical practices, institutions and periods that make up the discipline in order to see it in new and exciting ways.
It consists of three core modules. 'Themes and Problems in Modern and Contemporary Fictions' introduces students to current major themes in contemporary literature. In particular, students examine the ways in which contemporary texts engage with and mediate ongoing crises and conflicts post-2001. 'Materialities, Institutions, Contexts' enables students to identify key aspects of the material and institutional contexts in which literary studies emerged and developed. Students on the core modules develop advanced skills of argument, synthesis, research and presentation.

The Topics, which can be written on an appropriate topic of your choice, is also a core module. The option modules provide an opportunity for you to deepen and extend your knowledge of a range of periods, issues and forms across the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.


Conference Themes:
Experimental Women’s Writing, Photography and Film
London and Modernism: Manifesto, Literature, Painting, Film
Trauma in American Modernity: The Nation and its Limits
Urban Cultures
Work Placements in Cultural Institutions


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