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This Master programme is prepared for those who want/have careers in the banking and financial services sector.  Delivered by professional who have published high quality known research in the area, the course covers financial regulation, risk management, corporate finance, portfolio management and quantitative finance, with an emphasis on issues of relevance to banking institutions and securities markets.

This Master’s modules provide you with more time to assimilate subject matter, particularly in the modules with a large quantitative content, allowing you to undertake and in-depth study of well-defined problems in the money, banking and finance area. You will gain a rigorous and advanced intellectual training in banking, finance and economics that will provide you with all the advanced technical skills necessary for a career in these important and high paying sectors.


It aims to advance students’ understanding of modern financial systems and institutions, utilising economic theory and empirical evidence. The programme initially explores the complexity and the integrated nature of international banking systems and regulation.


 This degree is for you if you:

  • Want to understand the way in which financial intermediaries and institutions operate, and the structure and functioning of financial markets.
  • Want to learn about the pricing of financial assets and why and how corporations choose and issue various types of assets
  • Wish to take advantage of 'fast track' agreements with certain professional bodies.


Who is it for?

  • The programme focuses on developing financial management skills as required in the industry.
  • The programme has been designed taking into consideration the needs of understanding the basics of finance.
  • Eminent and experienced faculty members include experts from the industry and academia.


Programme Modules:

  • Introduction to economics
  • Statistics 1 (half course) and
  • Mathematics 1 (half course)
  • Principles of banking and finance
  • Principles of accounting
  • Corporate finance
  • Elements of econometrics or
  • Macroeconomics or Microeconomics
  • Financial intermediation
  • Investment management

Cost :  5600 £ British Pound Sterling 

Course Code : MCL 2189

Course Period/Date:  From: 27 November – 15 December 2017

Venue : London, UK

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