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im procurement and contract management

Course Description:

This course introduces the fields of purchasing and materials management. It explores its central concepts, and interfaces this to the other areas of a company, and the changing roles within a business. This course provides opportunities to examine issues such as: supplier selection process, supplier relations, supplier management, and strategic issues.


Procurement plays a critical role in supply chain operations. As supply chains become more globalised, procurement has evolved from a buying activity to a strategic business operation. Progressive organisations leverage their procurement and sourcing processes to gain competitive advantages. This course examines how firms set their procurement strategies – how they plan and execute their purchasing and sourcing activities to support corporate goals and business objectives. Issues relating to supplier evaluation, selection and measurement will be discussed. Case studies of world class purchasing organisations will be employed to examine the relative merits and limitations of an assortment of tools, techniques and approaches for managing the procurement process within the context of global supply chain operations. 


Who should attend?

Materials Planner, Store & Warehouse personnel, Accounts & Purchasing and all those who wish to know about Materials Management.


How attendees will benefit?

After completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Knowledge-specific capabilities: these include concepts, principles, theories, methods and contemporary practices endemic to the procurement and supply chain profession. The ability to contextualise and apply these knowledge capabilities in different situations is emphasised
  • Generic business and management skills: the focus is to develop capabilities in project and change management to prepare you to meet the routine challenges of the evolving business environment, in particular circumstances that have a direct impact on the procurement and supply chain industry
  • Socially aware and responsible practice capabilities: the focus is to develop your ability to engage with business activities in socially responsible and ethical manner.


Course Content:

  • Understand the organisational procurement life cycle- process, practices, risks mitigation and managing change.
  • Understand and able to administer global sourcing
  • Understand and have ability to maintain relationships with suppliers
  • Understand the demand management in integrated supply chain
  • Manage time and apply professional practices in the areas of applied analysis, creative thinking, and communication
  • Administer the supplier selection and negotiation process
  • Apply research practices and research based knowledge 


Course Period:

From 5 to 10 days.


Course Style:

  • Lecture or One-to-One training style.
  • In house training.
  • Group Training.
  • Practical Training.



  • We provide this course in any place and at any time suitable for you.
  • This course is provided in VIP or standard forms. For more information contact BATD team.

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