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Field training known also as practical courses are unique opportunities for professional employees. Many of our courses are executed within practical form where delegates receive their training in the field. For example some management, finance and accounting courses take place in working environment where trainees can experience the skill of solving problems and acquire new knowledge. Also, media courses like filming, photography and other courses are trained in some of well-known media outlets. Delegates requiring courses in language can also benefit from this service to improve their English in a short time.

Field training can be done as:
1-    Direct coaching in companies and corporations across Europe.
2-    Some courses are trained through specialised equipment and tools.
3-    Placement at some companies for one-to-one coaching.
4-    Peer-to-Peer training across Europe.


Our practical courses cover areas of

1-    Media and PR
2-    IT & Tele-Communication
3-    Professional Courses
4-    Municipality and Local councils exchange of experience.


Flexibility and Special services
BATD believe in the flexibility of knowledge and exchanging experience. Thus, our courses can be done at any time of the year, nearly any subject and in any location within our operation. Contact our team to obtain more information.

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Field Training




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