What training courses do we offer? →

We offer over 500 courses in the fields of Management, Media & PR, Information Technology, Environment Management, Finance and Accounting


Which training course should I attend? →

First, choose your main category, then the suitable sub-category. A range of courses will be offered for you. Each course has an outline which explains all details on the course and those advised to attend it.


Where can I find more information about training courses? →

We have a customised system that can help you find the course suitable for you. Search filter can be found in the front page. If you feel you need more information feel free to contact our team.


What do I get when I finish the course? →

You will obtain certificate from British Academy for Training and Development and any of possible training providers engaged in the course.


Can I get the material used for the courses? →

Yes, materials are given to the students upon the end of the course.


How much does each course cost? →

Each course is priced differently. You will find the exact price when you browse the courses you seek.


How can I register for a training course? →

As you find the course you wish to take, you will find a register button, click and register your details. An email will be sent to you once you finish registration.

Your registration will be confirmed once you do the payment fully by wire transfer method.


Do I have to prepare anything before attending a training course? →

It is advised to do so but not a condition.


Where can I find the schedule of courses? →

We offer the same course 12 times per year at more than 14 countries across Europe and other countries.


How many people would normally attend each course? →

This depends on the kind of costumer; we have training for corporate clients that take up to 50 and individual training that could have one student only.


What is the duration of a typical training course? →

Our courses range from 5 to 10 days. Some special courses do take more time than this.


Where can I find more about Training Policies? →

Look at our terms and conditions at the website.


Can i get more discounts? →

Yes, returning students can get a considerable discount.


Can i have the training at suitable time and location for me? →

Yes, BATD provide customised training for corporate clients and also individuals. However, this should be done within an opportunity of time.


Can we make a deal with corporate clients? →

Yes, we are open to offer special courses with special prices for corporate clients.


Can i be a marketer? →

Yes you can join our marketing team and you can get paid for the efforts you exert.


Can i be a trainer? →

Yes, if you do match our standards then you can join our team. Contact our team for further details.


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