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In the current economic situation, companies want to maximize efficiency in all aspects of their business. Employees who are not technically “project managers” are being asked to more manage their projects at a higher level of accuracy, even without formal project management training. Project management is a field which can be of enormous value to many different types of managers, businessmen, administrators, executives and entrepreneurs. Many types of people in many different fields who may not be trained professional project managers will at some time need to manage at least one project. Projects can be as diverse as setting up a market research project, arranging an event, implementing a new shipping route, relocating a company, choosing and installing a complex new computer system, a building project or running a campaign.

You will learn about human resource management in projects and programmes as well as risk management and change management. You will also develop a methodical approach to the management of the financial aspects of projects and programmes.

Who is it for?

  Senior Staff working in Business Management field.

  Supervisors, team leaders, managers and specialists in all sectors, involved in operational and strategic project management.

Programme Modules:

  Financial Analysis & Control Systems.

  International Joint Ventures.

  Organisations, People & Performance.

  Management Of Change.

  Project Planning Management & Control.

  Managing the Multi-Project/Programme Environment.

  Programme and Project Strategy


Programme Period: 10 days


Programme Style:

  Lecture or One-to-One training style.

  In house training.

  Group Training.



  We provide this programme in any place and at any time suitable for you.

  This Programme is provided in VIP or standard forms. For more information contact BATD team.

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