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Management and Strategic Leadership has been borne out of our experience of over 20 years in leading-edge management education, and one that is sensitive to the demands on managers in the 21st Century. It builds on our very successful MBA Management programme and is centred on developing personal and professional effectiveness, enabling practising and aspiring mangers to enhance their knowledge and skills in management, leadership and strategy.

The MBA Strategic Management and Leadership aims to develop individuals to lead and manage successfully and ethically at a strategic level across a range of organisations, and to formulate, implement and critically evaluate decisions. It will enable managers to develop leadership and analytical skills to support and influence strategic, tactical and operational aspects of a business, and enable practitioners to understand how the various management functions in a business integrate.

Who is it for?

Aimed at those wishing to further their career in management and to progress to senior management roles, this practice-based programme seeks to apply theories introduced via class activity and course reading to specific work based issues and dilemmas. It is highly valued by employers and enables you to develop specialist knowledge in an area of management that is of particular interest and that will help your career progression. You can view the course structure in the Downloads section on the right.

Programme Modules:

  Business Strategy Project

  Business Transformation

  Creating and Managing for Value

  Fundamentals of Management and Leadership

  Developing Organisational Capabilities

  Leadership Development

  Evidence-Based Management

  Strategic Thinking

  Leadership-Based Project


Programme Period: 10 days


Programme Style:

  Lecture or One-to-One training style.

  In house training.

  Group Training.



  We provide this programme in any place and at any time suitable for you.

  This Programme is provided in VIP or standard forms. For more information contact BATD team.

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