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Project management is a field which can be of enormous value to many different types of managers, businessmen, administrators, executives and entrepreneurs. Many types of people in many different fields who may not be trained professional project managers will at some time need to manage at least one project. Projects can be as diverse as setting up a market research project, arranging an event, implementing a new shipping route, relocating a company, choosing and installing a complex new computer system, a building project or running a campaign.

This Diploma in Project Management will prepare supervisors, team leaders, managers and specialists in all sectors, for involvement in operational and strategic projects, or consolidate the knowledge and status of project leaders and specialist managers needing a first formal qualification.

The main benefits of this Diploma in Project Management Level 4 course are that it provides a considerable amount of knowledge and understanding of essential project areas of activity, such as the demand for project management, project management qualities and competencies. It is highly regarded by employers in all business sectors around the world and can lead to higher level business and management qualifications.


Who is it for?

The course is ideal for those who need knowledge and understanding of the full range of core project management subjects and a qualification that is highly respected by employers in allsectors, for workplace progression or as preparation for a higher level qualification, such as a Masters level course.


Diploma Modules:

• Professional Development for Managers,

• Overview of Project Management,

• Project Structures and Life Cycle,

• Feasibility and Risk in Projects,

• Working with and leading Teams,

• Project Closure and Managing Projects: Research, Development, Proposal, Implementation.

• Practical Application

• There are no examinations.


What Do you get?

 On successfully completing this Professional Program of Study you will:

- Be awarded the Diploma on Project Management accredited by BATD Academy.

- Comprehensive Course Materials

- A discount of 40% for all our courses worldwide valid for 1 year.

- Apple or Samsung Tablet.

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