consultancyUsing our extensive knowledge and experience, we have devised, developed, piloted and implemented the methods we use and we are actively involved with institutions that use our solutions and systems on a daily basis. We offer customized management, financial and other consulting services for a wide range of industries and competency areas. We have a group of professional advisers and consultants that have been working in various fields for more than 30 years.

Our consultancy services are offered in the fields of:
1-    Management
2-    Finance and Accounting
3-    Media and PR
4-    IT & Tele-Communication
5-    Health and Safety


Why Consultancy?
Consultancy became a must for many firms as changing Demographics grow, Globalization & world Markets expand and scarcity of Resources. Consultancy services can help you reach your goals with more knowledge gained in dynamic Technology & Innovation and sharing Global Responsibility. BATD’s services in this respect can help you detect problems and find solutions in addition into adding more expertise’ advice to your firm.


How do we do consultancy?

“You either come to us or we come for you”

BATD can provide consutancy services at any time and any location. Consutlancy can take the form of remedial training or problem solving method. We can guide your company to the best practise that can help you reach your short and long term goals.

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