Advance Writing Skills


Start 1.4.2018 until 25.4.2018


For 5 Days is £4800
For 10 Days is £6200

Course Locations

London, Paris, Istanbul, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Geneva, Prague, Madrid, Casablanca, Dubai , Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Munich, Vienna, malta,

Course Overview:
Writing is a form of expression and communication. When you write well, others can
understand what you are saying. You will learn to use the writing process to your

- Essay and Creative Writing - the writing process, narrative writing, descriptive
writing, expository writing, persuasive writing
- Workplace and Personal Writing - letter writing, job search writing, workplace
writing, explanatory writing, report writing
- Grammar Guide - mechanics, usage, sentence structure
- Writing Handbook - models, editing, checklist, proofreading

Course Outline

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