Batd Academy Ltd known as (British Academy For Training and Development) is an educational limited company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number registered offices in London.

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British Academy For Training and Development has different accreditation schemes for local and worldwide corporate and individual institutions. The Academy’s accreditation (British Academy Accreditation Scheme - BAAS) system is conclusive and cover wide areas and specialisations, courses and degrees.

British Academy Accreditation Scheme (BAAS)


Through BASS scheme; Diploma, Masters, MBA and short training courses are accredited by British Academy; given that accredited-to-be bodies fulfil certain terms and conditions in addition to following the regulations of the Academy. The following is a list of bodies that can apply for our BASS scheme:


A-    Educational (College/University)                            

B-    Training (Centre or Institution)                                  

C-    Consultancy and Training                                         

D-    Field Training Organisation                                      


BASS scheme provides accredited organisations and educational bodies various benefits such as accrediting certain degrees and courses in addition to adopting specific curriculum used in the education programmes.


List of accredited Courses:



(100 Programmes)


(150 Programmes)

Short Courses

(1200 Programmes/workshops)


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